Sell tickets for events with Bilet dot bg

Sell event tickets with us:

We can get your event tickets up for sale within hours. Contact us now on 0887 333 112 (working days 09:00 - 17:00) or at to discuss how we can help you to drive your sales.

Need printed tickets to distribute to other locations or at the gate? Of course we can also do that for you !

Below is a summary of what we offer to all customers, including what we additionally offer to those smart event organizers who have chosen to sell exclusively wit us.

Bilet Dot BG is a comprehensive white label ticket selling  and events' promotion solution.

Whether you're a promoter, artist, club or something in between, we can help you run remarkable ticketing campaigns


Through your (In English  it is the same as account, you have the opportunity to:

  • You put events on sale when you decide
  • You enable and disable price categories
  • Activate discount codes for your partners
  • You enable permanent price discounts
  • You create tracking links to track the performance of different ads or to engage influencers
  • Track your stats in real time
  • Check ticket validity through a browser with barcode readers or a free app Tickets do not need to be printed and can be shown at the entrance from a mobile device
  • Access to your customers' emails and the ability to send them messages


Ability to sell from your own website and/or Facebook page

  • Seat selection module
  • Modern design optimized for mobile phones
  • Requirement of additional information when placing an order that you determine from the buyer and/or each visitor
  • Cash register module (You can sell from anywhere on the planet with just a printer and laptop)
  • Real-time statistics on visits to your page and sales both by price category and by payment method used
  • Option for payments to go directly to your account with bank transfer and Paypal and Stripe (self-service)_
  • Paperless tickets are only displayed by phone at the entrance

The richest set of payment methods among Bulgarian ticket distributors:


  • Borica - Cards: VISA & Mastercard, Maestro, Borica
  • Stripe - Cards visa, MasterCard, American Ex[ress, GPay, Apple Pay
  • PayPal account + (incl.) American Express, VISA & Mastercard as a guest
  • ePay profile + (VISA & Mastercard ) as gorst ,
  • EasyPay with pre-order
  • ATM payment with advance order
  • Bank transfer
  • Courier and cash on delivery
  • You can check the nationwide network of Kasi here

Bilet Dot BG's Platform's Marketing tools

  • Ability to install your own Facebook, Google, etc. tracking pixels
  • Access your customers' emails to send them emails with offers and information about upcoming events
  • Ability to directly email everyone who purchased a ticket for your event
  • ustomize the emails your customers receive
  • Add sponsor logo
  • Adding information about your other upcoming events
  • Providing additional information specific to the Vape event
  • You can get creative and use the tool for your marketing purposes
  • You open promo codes and discounts yourself (Example: Price 100 BGN 80 BGN) for your partners or any customers
  • Automatic email to your existing customers when your event goes on sale
  • Possibility to start an Affiliate program where you reward the sites only when a sale is made
  • Street Teams - Ability to enable your fans to bring friends for a reward
  • Referral links - create tracking links to track traffic and sales from each individual channel, partner and campaign
  • Module for organizing games (Fan engagement) - You can organize voting games (best player of the match / month) where you collect the emails of each student to add them to your marketing lists - the game can be promoted in our affiliate network


Bilet Dot BG is not just a ticketing software

We promote your events and provide you with tools to engage your fans

  • Inclusion in an email campaign to 70,000 registered subscribers of BILET BG
  • Inclusion in at least two posts in social networks and those of our partner (Recently Added Events and Upcoming Events)
  • Free placement of posters on our cash registers (
  • Publication of Press Release in news section and in our partners - Ability to distribute PR to 250+ journalists
  • Affiliate advertising in and
  • Brokerage for media partnerships
  • Each of your events for which you sell tickets is automatically added to the calendars of over 50 websites 50% discount on the platform
  • Ability to manage a retargeting PPC campaign with a minimal management fee


  • 50% off the cost of Billboard positions positions change every two weeks (Click here for a sample list for a past period)
  • Branding of Taxi Cars in Sofia and the country with a discount
  • Sofia Airport advertisement with up to 80% discount
  • Advertising in the Sofia Metro
  • Up to 60% discount on prices for printing and distributing posters (Sample offer 5000 posters with printing and distribution BGN 2200)
  • Radio advertising with up to 60% discount



If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at: