Sell tickets for events with Bilet dot bg

Whether you are a globally renowned brand or embarking on a journey to street-level fame, one of the most crucial elements for achieving a successful presence is ticket sales.


Ticket BG Ltd offers a comprehensive range of services necessary for effective and successful ticket sales. We believe in building healthy relationships with our clients, caring for them with the love and attention that matches the dedication of their fans.

The key to our success lies in our profound knowledge of the industry in which we operate. Our business philosophy is grounded in the use of the latest internet technologies, achieving transparency in every interaction, maintaining high efficiency, and a perpetual readiness for diligent work.

We believe that successful ticket sales are not merely a commercial transaction but a true art form, in which we excel. With us, your events are not just sold; they become symbols of unforgettable experiences that unite your community and attract new followers.


Sell event tickets with us:

We can get your event tickets up for sale within hours. Contact us now on 0887 333 112 (working days 09:00 - 17:00) or at [email protected] to discuss how we can help you to drive your sales.

Need printed tickets to distribute to other locations or at the gate? Of course we can also do that for you !

Need a team for gate control or assistance with securing the biggest halls in Bulgaria? We also got you covered

Below is a summary of what we offer to all customers, including what we additionally offer to those smart event organizers who have chosen to sell exclusively wit us.

Bilet Dot BG is a comprehensive white label ticket selling  and events' promotion solution.

What makes the difference!  - Things that ONLY BileT BG Offers in Bulgaria:

  • Free ticket scanning app for Android and iPhone.
  • Module for direct sales from your website or any partner's website. Example:
  • Automatic invoicing for customers who require an invoice.
  • Badge file generation at the moment of ticket scanning.
  • Tracking links to activate agents, influencers, and media who can order directly through our platform. We take care of the statistics and who brought what.
  • Direct sending through your Ticket BG profile of personalized emails to ticket purchasers.
  • Ability to apply promotions (discounts) in prices (percentage or fixed) to create FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) in the audience, encouraging immediate purchases. Example:
  • Different pricing options within the same price category. Example: standard price and discounted price for Students attached to the same seat. Example link above.
  • Option for a promotional or informational pop-up to appear for people buying tickets before purchase.
  • Special fields in the order form for collecting specific information if needed, which can then be printed on the ticket. You can make your order form to fit your needs.
  • Option for ticket personalization (ticket image, adding logos and sponsors, text, and any information you deem necessary).
  • Full personalization of emails that customers receive, including adding logos of sponsors and partners and links to other projects you have..
  • Installation of your Meta (Facebook and Instagram), LinkedIN, and/or Google Ads pixel for remarketing campaigns.

Other Important Features:

  • The richest set of payment methods among Bulgarian ticket distributors:

    • DSK - Apple pay, GPay, Visa, Mastercards
    • Borica - Cards: VISA & Mastercard, Maestro, Borica
    • Stripe - Cards visa, MasterCard, American Express, GPay, Apple Pay
    • PayPal account + (incl.) American Express, VISA & Mastercard as a guest
    • ePay profile + (VISA & Mastercard ) as gorst ,
    • EasyPay with pre-order
    • ATM payment with advance order
    • Bank transfer
    • Courier and cash on delivery
    • You can check the nationwide network of Points of sales here:
  • You are in control - you place your event on sales and modify prices from your admin panel at any given moment
  • Access to all data (emails, names, and phone numbers) of your users for remarketing or future advertising of your other projects.
  • Creation of promo codes and discounts.
  • Ability to add a guest list with visitor names for checking only by personal ID at the entrance.
  • We can create a website or landing page for you; an example can be seen here.
  • Real-time statistics on visits and sales channels for your tickets. Divided by category, payment option etc.


  • Barter advertising in malls: Serdika Center, Paradise, and Park Center in Sofia.
  • Inclusion in our email campaigns to over 120,000 registered users, at least twice, as a top event in each campaign.
  • Inclusion in our posts and ads on social media, GDN and across all our channels.
  • Publication of the event on the calendars of over 50 websites, as a premium event that will be displayed at the top of event lists.
  • Distribution of your press release in our partnering medias
  • Sharing in targeted groups suitable for your events, at least 30 for you.


Assistance for external advertising at a discount:




If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at: