Affiliate program

Ticket dot BG Ltd is one of the leading ticket distribution companies in Bulgaria.

If you own a website, blog, mobile application, or have profiles on social networks with a large following and wish to earn a stable additional passive income, you can take advantage of our affiliate programs and earn while you write or simply share information about some of the most interesting upcoming events in Bulgaria and around the world.

We offer two different options to provide diverse tools and solutions for anyone interested in making money by publishing information about exciting upcoming events.

Option 1: Through the Eventiplier Platform - Smart Event Promotion

Suitable for: Website Owners, Bloggers

Information: Create an event calendar for your website and become part of our affiliate program! With EVENTIPLIER, you become a part of a broad media network, receive high-quality content for your site for free, generate more traffic to your page, and, of course, earn financial dividends.

You will receive the following modules:

  • A calendar with thousands of local events and global festivals.
  • A module with games for free tickets.
  • Banners and RSS feeds with events present in your calendar.
  • CashBack option for your readers when purchasing tickets.
  • An automatic newsletter with events in your calendar.
  • Automatic posting of events from your calendar on social media.


  • Commission from event advertising: 30% of every advertising package ordered through your calendar.
  • Ticket sales commission: 1.5% to 3%.
  • Click-through advertising: 5 to 10 cents for advertising events in your calendar, meaning you don't lose traffic but generate more pageviews.
  • Payment per impression: 5 BGN for every 1000 visitors to your calendar.
  • Payment per click for external advertising: 12 cents per click for advertising ordered by our clients wishing to promote products and services in our network.

More details and registration here: Eventiplier Publishers

Option 2: Through the ProfitShare Platform

Suitable for: Website Owners, Bloggers, Influencers

ProfitShare is the most advanced affiliate marketing platform in Bulgaria. It provides independent sales tracking. By registering there, you can advertise our events on your website and in social networks by generating Deep Links directly leading to the ticket order page for each event.

Available tools:

  • Product feeds.
  • Product widgets.
  • Banners.
  • Direct links.

Terms: 3% to 5% of each ticket sale depending on the category.

More information and registration here: ProfitShare Affiliates


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us at: