Tickets for U.K. Pink Floyd Experience Sofia

HALL 1 ,NDK, Bulgaria, Sofia

U.K. Pink Floyd Experience Sofia


Start: 2024-11-27 19:00


HALL 1 ,NDK, Bulgaria, Sofia

ЗАЛА 1 Най-голямата зала на територията на Националния дворец на културата. Площта и е 11 000 кв.м. Постоянни (фиксирани) места, тип кресла. Общ капацитет - 3 380 места. Редуцирана възможност - 2 800 места или 2 000 места. Партер - 2 100 места. Възможнос

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In upcoming spring , straight from London's conquered West End, these seven fantastic musicians will come to Bulgaria, to give you in a two-hour multimedia concert, in classic Floyd line-up of the 80s,  a sense of the authenticity of the sound and the choreography and work of the lighting director that has already become canonical in prog-rock.

UKPFE musicians have achieved that it is not the song  “Another Brick in the Wall”, not “Money”, not “Wish You Were Here” and not even “Shine on You…” are  the main things in the show . In this magical Floyd show, the main thing is a fascinating journey through the world of Pink Floyd and the complete feeling that you are at a real live concert of the legendary group.

“ We always have an incredible, positive reaction to our shows, it looks like we are elevating our guests to the heights of Pink Floyd," said bass guitarist and backing vocalist David Power."

When the band finished playing and said "good night" the entire thousandth the audience stood up and began to applaud and after a few minutes they played a couple more things.

The latter turned into an incredible light show and made people stand up again in delight and sing along with the band continuously cheering, it lifted everyone to unprecedented emotional heights,” critic Emma Wasson for  “What Good to do in the UK.”

Lead vocals and guitar Paul Andrews is the frontman of the band with a voice incredibly similar to David Gilmour. Paul has worked really long and hard to get his voice perfect for this project, he really nails every nuance and intonation Gilmour uses while still playing quality guitar."

- Alan Davis for Times UK" So, why should I go to this show? "- you ask.

Because a group of the most talented English musicians, who have won the hearts of fans of the great group in their homeland and in Europe, want to play for you or the first time some of the greatest songs of all time in one of the bestPink Floyd show.