Tickets for Julien Dassin live in Sofia

HALL 1 ,NDK, Bulgaria, Sofia

Julien Dassin live in Sofia


Start: 2024-06-06 20:00


HALL 1 ,NDK, Bulgaria, Sofia

ЗАЛА 1 Най-голямата зала на територията на Националния дворец на културата. Площта и е 11 000 кв.м. Постоянни (фиксирани) места, тип кресла. Общ капацитет - 3 380 места. Редуцирана възможност - 2 800 места или 2 000 места. Партер - 2 100 места. Възможнос

For the event

               Les chanson Classique’s francaise


Julien Dassin,


 the son of King of French chanson, performs in his original authentic show the legendary family hits with Paris Tour Eifel Orchestra (among them his father's drummer, Joe Dassin, pianist Carl Trenet and accordionist of Charles Aznavour ...).

Spend a unique, romantic evening in the family of a great performer, this is your only opportunity to hear from “first-hand” the unforgettable songs of a legendary French chansonnier. Original manners, sound, stage design, costumes, multimedia and unforgettable moments when your heart swells upon hearing “Les Champs-Élysées”, “L’Été Indien” (Indian Summer),”Salut”, “À Toi” (To You), “Et Si Tu N’existais Pas” (And If You Didn’t Exist), “Le Jardin du Luxembourg” (The Luxembourg Garden) and many others.

Son of Joe Dassin and his wife Christine, Julien was born on March 22, 1980, he was the couple's second child, after Jonathan, born in 1978.

In the years that followed, the two brothers took care of their father's musical treasure. Julien was  more particularly responsible for the public relations part, . In 2010, with his brother, they were at the origin of the musical, “Once upon a time Joe Dassin”, directed by Christophe Barratier, and where Julien also sings in a virtual duet with his father. The musical has great success across Europe and USA. The same year, he went on stage, in the play, La Parenthese, with Sonia Dubois as his partner. Later, in 2012, he sang Montand, alongside Florence Coste, on the album Monsieur Montand.

You can feel his fathers genetics in him, in the way he moves,in his face , even in the timbre of his voice and when he is on stage with his father musicians , at some point it will seem to you ,that Joe Dassin is alive..



06.06. NDK1 Sofia20:00

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