Tickets for Essence process I, therapeutic training with Dr Menis Yousry

Новотел София, България, София

Essence process I, therapeutic training with Dr Menis Yousry


Start: 2024-05-10 10:00

End: 2024-05-12 20:00


Новотел София, България, София

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Why is it important to know ourselves?

Every day we need to interact with ourselves, our families, our colleagues at work, and in romantic relationships, and everywhere we carry our "glasses" of personality - that specific and unique combination of memories, thoughts, feelings, beliefs, limitations, desires, dreams, and defences through which we perceive ourselves, the world, and others.

A person's personality evolves to resolve certain problems we have encountered in the past, even as children. By repeating our learned coping mechanisms, some challenges and conflicts in life also persist - in personal relationships or at work.

Then we wish to believe that there is a magic pill or button that will quickly make us a new person. However, there isn't. The only key is to know ourselves so well that we can take off the "glasses" or replace them with others that will bring us the results we want.

Self-awareness is a risk. Not everything in the mirror will please us, and sometimes we will have to revisit forgotten and painful parts of our personal history. But never starting that journey is an even greater risk - the risk of remaining alone, insecure, closed in our shell where dreams are just fantasies.

☀️ What happens to me that I react this way?

☀️ How do I connect with others?

☀️ What am I limiting myself and what am I not allowing myself?

☀️ What do I want in my life?

☀️ What in my history blocks my development?

☀️ How can I partner with reality to achieve my intentions?

🍀 It is truly important to know ourselves. To adapt to an ever-changing world. To understand ourselves and others better and to be able to collaborate for success. To find peace amid all the condemnation, pain, and criticism in everyday life. To communicate authentically and fully with our loved ones. To have fun without feeling guilty. To give ourselves another chance when we think everything has failed.

🌿 The Essence process, developed and led by Dr. Menis Yousry and his team, directs participants to recognize the ineffective strategies we repeat. Becoming aware of them brings opportunities for new choices and alternative actions. The process happens in an environment of acceptance and support and provides a new perspective on human values and how to achieve goals with more energy and understanding towards ourselves and others.

If you have attended other seminars and training for personal development, the Essence process is a suitable next step for you on this path. We look forward to seeing you!

About the facilitator:

Dr. Menis Yousry is a leading therapist, facilitator, and supervisor of the "Essence foundation" team. He works as a family and systemic psychotherapist and psychologist, and for fifteen years as a supervisor for the British National Health Service. Over the last 20 years, he has created and led seminars on personal development, therapeutic training, and public lectures in Europe, the USA, Asia, and the Middle East.

The "Essence Bulgaria" Foundation has been working in the field of personal development for over 20 years.

Our team of qualified psychologists and therapists conducts training, consultations, psychotherapy, long-term and online programs dedicated to relationships between people, personal development, social and emotional intelligence for adults and teenagers.

Our mission is to provide time and space for people to better explore and understand their behaviours, emotions, motivation for failure and success, and models for building relationships with those significant to us. In this way, we contribute to creating more prosperity and enriching relationships with ourselves, others, and the world.