Despred warehouse, Bulgaria, Sofia



Start: 2021-06-12 16:00


Despred warehouse, Bulgaria, Sofia

Despred warehouse, on the back of Sofia customs and in 100 meters walking distance from Sofia Central bus station

For the event

Balkan's biggest craft beer festival - 35 breweries and 140 different draft beers totally (70 per day).
20 of the world's best breweries will be in Sofia together with 15 of Balkan's top names in the local craft beer scene. Confirmed participants are coming from USA, Canada, Sweden, Denark, Russia, Norway, Estonia, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Greece, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria of course.
The ticket includes a branded festival glass and unlimited craft beer tasting.
18+ ONLY


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Организатор на събитието / Promoter : Хоп Джънкис ЕООД