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Старт: Вторник 18 Октомври 2022 21:00 Край: Вторник 18 Октомври 2022 23:30

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Тортуга е псайкаделик/стоунър/дуум банда от Познан, Полша, която ще гостува в София на 18.10.2022 г. каро част от Европейското си турне. Преди тях на сцената на Бар Сингълс ще излязат родните SpaceWeaver.

Subterráneo Webzine: How is a psychedelic stoner-doom band born in Poland? Is there no need for deserts to make this kind of music anymore?  

TORTUGA: Well I guess that’s true for real stoner. This psychedelic stoner-doom tag is a little bit closer to the Polish reality. This is a doomed country… but you still can find a lot of bright points. You have long and cold winters, but if you spend them smoking joints with your friends in your rehearsal room… suddenly you have this kind of psychedelic stoner-doom. Then you can evolve in one or another direction, but I guess that’s how many bands here started.

Начало: 21:00

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