SHAPESHIFT Talks | Digital Currents in Turbulent Times

Старт: Петък 20 Януари 2023 16:00 Край: Петък 20 Януари 2023 20:30

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Evolving, refreshing, updating, pivoting, expanding…

The digital is constantly changing form and inspiring us for new modes of life; and sometimes — even confusing us.

SHAPESHIFT Talks helps people understand what this constant transformation — both human and technological — means for the future of Design, Art, Work, Culture, Communication, Politics, Environmentalism, Activism, and Freedom.

The second edition of the event is dedicated to the topic Digital Currents in Turbulent Times and will dive deep into the occurrences that created new currents in the digital flow and influenced the way we work, communicate and express ourselves.

SHAPESHIFT Talks will take place on 20 January 2023 in Sofia.


One More Park Bar , България, София, ул. „Незабравка“ 3-5, 1113 Борисова Градина, София