Ritual Gatherings 2020

Старт: Петък 31 Юли 2020 16:00 Край: Неделя 02 August 2020 20:00

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Our world has been increasingly shaken by conflicts, inequality and waste of resources. Segregation and the cult for the material have become the new norm. The disconnectedness of the individual from the whole and from himself can now be felt more than ever. This uncovers a profound wound in global society.

Ritual Gatherings is returning in 2020 to help to heal this wound, by creating an organic experience, composed of the 5 founding pillars of identity, community and the cultural space - nature, music, art&carfts, food and rituals. Pillars through which we can reconnect with our true self and one another.


Secret Location / БългарскоЧерноморие , България, Тайна, тайна