Старт: Петък 25 June 2021 10:00 Край: Събота 26 June 2021 09:00

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In 2410 Anno Domini, women live on Venus and men on Mars.

They meet on Earth from time to time.

These dates are days of celebration, art, dance, and more.

For the first event of this series, Venus is sending us their DJ crew, coming from the future.


DIM▲N▲ [ Live artist, singer, performer and digital creator ]


HUNT▲ [ Architect, Athlete & DJ. Always surprising in her music selection. ]


IZ▲BELL▲ [ DJ/Producer, a natural artist, and performer. Trust her inspiration & experience. ]


ELLIE [ "The sound pervades in our minds and takes us to a journey where we are free to move our bodies to the rhythm. Interact with the sound waves." ]


POLITH [ "Techno is an energy source from which I made my own style and I want to share it with you. I will hit your chest with hard beats". ]


Musical Aphrodites, that cultivate the art of waves.



An event by Friends of Friends Bulgaria x Amin Society.
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Антракт , България, София , ул. Върбица №12 (сградата на Theatro)