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Старт: Четвъртък 03 Ноември 2022 09:00 Край: Петък 04 Ноември 2022 19:00

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GoTech World is one of the biggest B2B IT&Digital events in CEE. For 11 years, we have been gathering the Romanian&international tech community to debate what and how we can do better so that we can fasten our digitalization, both in the private and governmental environment. We bring international and local experts and visionaries, tech solutions and business people to the same table and identify future directions. We literally grew up from 3,000 participants to over 21,000 last year through our unlimited enthusiasm and dedication of our team. We changed perceptions, we activated the local business ecosystem and continuously relied on technology as the only solution for development, in the face of many barriers, including the pandemic years.
At GoTech World 2022, at its 11th edition, we focus on the here and now. How can we bring added value to the business community in Romania, how can we support the digitalization of work environment, government environment and also the cities we live in, how can we increase the technological potential in our country. Here and now, with the help of - experts and visionaries from all over the world, - the biggest companies with exclusive study cases, - the newest tools developed both locally and internationally.

What you’ll get for your investment?   

A 2 days event with access to more than 65+ hours of content presented by tech experts across the world, together with strategies, systems and the best-kept secrets.
16.000+ business people under one roof allow marketers, retailers, entrepreneurs, developers, and others to speak, exchange business cards, and form future long-term collaboration.
Visit top-tier companies and tech pioneer's booths to discover more about their products, projects, future efforts and form significant long-term connections.
What to expect specifically?

There will be also our EXPO AREA (or your business playground as we like to say) to explore - another place where the magic happens thanks to our 130+ exhibitors that are waiting to present you their projects and business solutions and interact with you during the networking breaks.
Leet’s meet some of the headliners ⬇️
➡️ Starting with our Main Stage, let’s meet Inderpal Bhandari, Global Chief Data Officer at IBM, who will talk about accelerating Data & AI Transformation journey.

➡️ Moving forward to our Digital Marketing Stage, we will meet Pam Didner, Vice President of Marketing at Relentless Pursuit, that approach artificial intelligence (AI) and how it will impact the sales and marketing landscape.

➡️ Just a leap and we are at Retail & E-commece Stage, where you’ll meet Christoph Sterkel, Head of eCommerce Northern & Eastern Europe at Kellogg, with a panel about Kellogg’s Europe eCommerce Strategy highlighting best practices from digital shelf optimization and retail media effectiveness.

➡️ On the cybersecurity side, Ivana Bartoletti, Global Chief Privacy Counsel, Wipro and Visiting Policy Fellow at University of Oxford Internet Institute, will join us with her input on Privacy and Security by design for trustworthy innovation.

➡️ Joshua Ness, Senior Manager at Verizon 5G Labs, will definitely rock the IT Ops Stage with his talk on how Web3 and spatial computing will intersect with connectivity and digital property rights to create an environment that seamlessly blends the physical, augmented, and virtual.

➡️ On our Java Stage, Ix-chel Ruiz, Senior Software Developer at Jfrog, will challenge you to test your knowledge on Maven rules based on a series of scenarios.

➡️ Last but not least, you can say hi to Martin Sakowski and Julian Lang from AWS. They will dive into the open-source Cloud Development Kit (CDK) that lets us define cloud infrastructure and Kubernetes apps in familiar programming languages like Python, Java, C#, TypeScript and JavaScript.
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