Funny Moon Gathering 2023

Старт: Понеделник 10 Юли 2023 14:00 Край: Понеделник 17 Юли 2023 12:00

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We welcome you to join the Cosmixed Society Team and Funny Moon company on our 10 year Anniversary In the Beautiful town of Valec. We might have grown but the spirit has stayed the same over the years. Only evolving to the Gathering it has become over the years of Growth, Feeling for your fellow psychonauts and Healing from the pressures of society. We don't demonstrate and point out the problems, we like to show through example what life on the planet could be. So if you fell the calling come mix your self into our Cosmic Mixed Society


~Our Concept~
1 week International Family Happening , 2 days of Alternative and chill out floor , Live music and workshops is the main focus, then starting on the 3rd day Main Floor opens.
Mental and physical Healing like a Sauna, Swimming pool and Jacuzzi to relax your body and mind.
A Festival where you can bring your children & enjoy the time of togetherness.
A Platform for Fresh Dj’s & up coming Live-Acts to introduce themselves to You
A Festival with Healing Area with Workshops where you can expand your conciousness,
A Festival where you can truly be involved when you feel like it, and are not treated like a consuming herd of sheep (come pay & go), but come to stay and play.


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