Flamingo night / Daytime edition feat. Funkerman & MC Gee

Старт: Неделя 19 June 2022 14:00 Край: Неделя 19 June 2022 23:30

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☄️It's about time to shake things up in Sofia and stir a buzzin' party in the Kitchen!

For that reason we've teamed up with Flamingo records aaaaalll the way from The Netherlands and their Funkerman & MC Gee for an astonishing Flamingo night session! Which obviously as you've understood so far is with our own twist - and thus it's a DAY TIME edition. (But to quote Johnny Depp "Isn't happy hour any time?") Yes it is! We've prepared loads of good funky vibes for you!

What's Flamingo Nights/Days?

Flamingo nights are a little bit stubborn, but in a cool way! They don't just follow a trend, they are the trend. It's more than just another club night.

When you enter Flamingo Nights, you are being taken on a journey, a joruney you decide how you want to experience.
Flamingo nights will set the feel good mood and deliver the music guidance which will be the main ingredient of your journey.

Flamingo nights will be the place to meet your friends get drunk with your love, dance till you drop, get inspired by the music and people but mostly be surprised or get seduced!
Our mission is to create a moment together! Moment of fun and excitement....A lovely memory!

What's the deal? - Awesome vibes and crazy memories! 

Ticket price: 25BGN


Line up:
MC MacGee

Flamingo records:



Kitchen59 , Bulgaria, Sofia, Tsar Boris III, 59, blvd