Connecting - sensory online performance for couples

Старт: Понеделник 26 Април 2021 20:25 Край: Понеделник 26 Април 2021 21:00

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In the closeness of the space between them, they get together and separate, they collide, they dance inspired, they merge and disappear.

Do you allow yourself to meet the person next to you anew? To feel him in different and unexpected ways?

"Connecting" is a sensory experience created especially for couples. From the comfort of your home, you are invited to embark on a one of a kind journey. Where you get together depends on your desires and willingness to surrender to the spontaneity of the moment.

Ticket price for two: 12 leva

Buy your ticket here:

Prior to the performance, each participant will receive an e-mail containing a set of secret instructions for participation in the performance. For a full experience, it is highly recommended that you do not share the content of the letter with your partner.

Let yourself be surprised by each other.

Your participation as a couple is through one device, as it is important to share a common space.


Venue: the online platform Zoom

Concept: Gabriela Petrova and Velichka Dzhambazova

Director and actress: Gabriela Petrova

Artist: Velichka Dzhambazova

To purchase your ticket, follow the link:


Gabriela Petrova is an artist and director who works in the field of sensory, interactive and immersive art forms. Founder of Inner Theater Company, corporate trainer and consultant in the field of leadership and people skills. She is inspired by the idea of ​​the stage as an intimate inner space in which each one can be himself, and simultaneously connect to the other.

Velichka Dzhambazova is an artist, set designer and costume designer. She has worked on short films, commercials and music videos and has participated in various theater projects. Velichka is excited about creative projects that allow her to combine the different sets of skills required for works in theater and cinema, as well as building emotional scores through a variety of means in a digital context.


Project "Connecting" is implemented with the financial support of the National Fund "Culture", program "Creative Initiatives".

In partnership with Inner Theater Company and the special support of Radar Sofia and Drama Pact.


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