Blex 2020 | Let’s Reach The Next Level

Старт: Четвъртък 04 June 2020 09:00 Край: Петък 05 June 2020 22:00

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Business Lady Excellence

Let’s Reach The Next Level

Part Of The Smart & Inspirational Talks Initiative And BUSINESS LADY Magazine & Club Annual Awards

Courage, confidence, dignity, risk, tenderness, care, happiness, high professionalism. The power to say no, the power to stand up after another fall.

⇒ Today is not enough to be good at your job, you have to do it with passion.
⇒ Today is not enough to graduate from the university, you have to study for a lifetime.
⇒ Today is not enough to have talent, you have to fight to prove its uniqueness to the world.
⇒ Today is not enough to be a wife and a mother, you have to play many roles.
⇒ Is there a recipe for a happy and successful life?

Business ladies talk!

You will grow your network of contacts with potential business partners, customers, employees, like-minded people.

You will be part of a community of successful, inspiring and positive women.

The second edition of THE BIGGEST NETWORKING CONFERENCE FOR WOMEN in Business Lady Excellence Let's move to the next level! is part of the Smart & Inspirational talks initiative and the Business Lady'20 Annual Awards by BUSINESS LADY Magazine and Club. Today, recognition is not just because a woman is a woman in business, but because she (knows the rules of the game and she is fully aware how to use them) is extremely good at what she does.

What transformations did the successful women go through and what propelled them to continuous upbringing? Successful women will speak! They will share with you the inspirations, insights, difficulties, failures, new approaches and techniques in management and their experience in continually upgrading and improving how women are exceptional in different areas of business. Each of you will be able to learn from the ladies on the stage or upgrade yourself in a workshop, put your own real case into a mastermind session, make contacts in a networking cocktail party and be part of the glamorous Business Lady'20 Awards. Have you already submitted your application? If not, visit the Awards section.

What should you expect from BLEX 2020 | Upgrade: Let's go to the next level!

⇒ How to upgrade yourself and the business you are responsible for?
⇒ How to turn transformations into a positive result?
⇒ What are the most common mistakes and how to get out of the hole?
⇒ What are the new trends, innovations and best practices applied by women leaders?
⇒ How do you master the power to say "no", the power to stand up after another fall, and above all the power to move to a higher level?

Ladies, we are waiting for you!

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