Start: Friday 11 September 2020 09:00 End: Saturday 12 September 2020 13:15

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Because of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we are forced to cancel this year's edition of the New Horizons in Journalism conference. As the world is still struggling to contain the disease’s spread and the rules around international travel change rapidly, it might not be possible for our foreign speakers to attend the conference. Moreover, holding an indoor event that involves a large gathering of people might not be advisable during the new Covid-19 reality.


That’s why we decided to postpone the conference which was scheduled to take place September 11-12, 2020. The World Press Institute, in partnership with the America for Bulgaria Foundation and the Association of European Journalists, is committed to hold the conference in the intended format once the spread of the coronavirus is brought under control. As of now we plan to reschedule the event for the Spring 2021. We will announce the new dates as soon as possible.


The rise of the Internet and smart phones has disrupted how people consume news and how journalism is funded. Yet the digital revolution also continues to hold promise for the news media in general and for investigative reporting in particular. The explosion of podcasts in recent years is but one example.

In many ways, it is the best of times and worst of times for investigative journalism. Big, cross-border investigations like the Paradise and Panama Papers, both uncovering a network of secret offshore companies to hide money, proved that public interest journalism and international collaboration – hundreds of investigative journalists joined forces to work on each project – can generate a global impact and a chain of reactions to stem tax evasion.

In Bulgaria and the region, where press freedom – one of the core principles of every democratic society – is under threat, investigative stories are much needed to expose wrongdoing and tell the truth.

In the era of fast news, widespread disinformation, and political leaders from across the globe engaging in anti-journalistic rhetoric, we need watchdog journalism more than ever. While investigative reporting is a costly endeavor and takes time to produce, it is still central to hold governments accountable and to inform but also empower citizens. Technology innovation and new formats such as podcasts can aid reporters’ efforts to find readers, listeners, and viewers where they are.

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